About Onoeryu 尾上流について


The Onoe-Ryu was established by the Sixth Onoe Kikugoro, a Kabuki actor with the Onoe Soke in 1948. The First Headmaster was the Sixth Onoe Kikugoro.

In the same year, the Sixth's student, the First Onoe Kikunojyo was appointed as the Second Headmaster. The school's first performance took place at Shinbashi Enbujyo in June 1948.

When the First Onoe Kikunojyo passed away in August 1964, the Second Onoe Kikunojyo was appointed as the Third Headmaster.

In August 2011, the Second Onoe Kikunojyo changed his professional name to Onoe Bokusetsu. At the same time, Onoe Seifu became the Third Onoe Kikunojyo, and was simultaneously appointed as the Fourth Headmaster. He continues to serve this position today.

  • Onoe Soke,
    The Sixth Onoe Kikugoro
    School's First Performance "Shizuhataobi"
    (Funabito: The Sixth Kikugoro / Kichigai: The First Kikunojo)
Characteristics of the school

In addition to the original accomplishment of The fifth Onoe Kikurgoro, the dance philosophy of the Ninth Ichikawa Danjuro and the dance movements of the Soke Fujima-Ryu were integranted into the Sixth Onoe Kikugoro's sence of performance and consolidated his style of dance.

The words "grace, new and unpredictability" have been valued as the words of The First Headmaster. The school aspires to teach highly elegant dancing techniques with grace and easily understandable movements which are based on the principles of The Sixth Onoe Kikugoro who studied Japanese buyo.

  • The second Headmaster,
    The First Onoe Kikunojo
  • "Kantai"
    "Announcing the name"